Complete panic.

MSNBC seriously headlines an article with the headline

“Is Romney Too Focused On The Economy?”


Is it possible that Mitt Romney, in his campaign for the presidency, has been too focused on the economy?

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee has focused intently on turning the election into a referendum on President Barack Obama, rarely veering from making the case that the Democratic incumbent has failed to manage the economy.

Most every issue but the economy is viewed as a distraction by Romney’s high-command in Boston; it dismisses hand-wringing over issues like Donald Trump, Democrats’ claims of a “war on women,” or the president’s recent order on young illegal immigrants as a distraction. When Romney reacts to those topics, he quickly works to reframe them in terms of jobs and the economy.
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But the “economy-colored” prism through which every issue is refocused by the Romney campaign could risk votes at the margins of some key constituencies. Moreover, by leaving questions about his approach to other issues unanswered, Romney gives Democrats an opening to fill the void in describing his alternatives.

They are so cute when they are filled with complete and utter terror.