I just called the Department of Justice today. I have never done anything like this before but I felt compelled.

You see, it was all over the news yesterday that the DOJ had set up a special hotline number and an email address to report potential civil rights violations by the government!

Finally, I thought. Finally the government is willing to listen to us ordinary citizens whose God-given rights are being trampled and ignored in favor of the government’s misguided and over-zealous policy initiatives.

No. I am not an illegal alien. But if the government has its way, I am soon to be an illegal Catholic. This because I refuse to be intimidated by and to comply with government agencies that try to force me to buy things the violate my religious beliefs.

So thought it was a great thing that at least one part of the government is concerned about civil rights violations by other parts of the government, so I called.

I am not sure exactly what the answer I received means, but I am sure my religious liberty will be restored soon. The answer I got was cryptic but encouraging. “Mailbox is full.” I am sure that thousands of other abused Catholics got the same idea and called the civil rights abuse hotline at 1-855-353-1010. But just in case, I think you should call it too just so they get the message.

If you cannot get through, do like I did and send them a follow up mail at SB1070@usdoj.gov

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