I just read a quote from a cranky atheist (wait, is that redundant?) that has just made my day.

I’ll fill you in on the background. Old cranky atheist sees on the internet that a nearby restaurant is offering a discount on Sundays to anyone who comes in with a church bulletin. Instead of hustling down to the local church, swiping a bulletin and eating dinner at 2:30 in the afternoon on the cheap, he filed a complaint with the Human Relations Commission. He says that it’s a violation of some sort or another or maybe it’s just because it’s offensive. Who knows what grounds the dude concocted in his head for filing the complaint. He’s with the Freedom from Religion Foundation so this is probably just about all the guy does all day other than throwing empty whiskey bottles at the kids who sometimes accidentally step on his lawn.

But anyway, here’s the kicker. What makes this article in The Post stand above all the other articles about litigious atheists (wait, is that redundant?) is this money quote from the atheist. Ready for it?

He said he came across Prudhomme’s bulletin promotion while doing an Internet search of the restaurant, which he had heard good things about. But, he said the restaurant’s discount for churchgoers annoyed him. “My interest is in social justice and tolerance, and I get a little annoyed at all the religiosity,” he said.


Tolerance, he says. So many people have this odd view of tolerance that only allows a world where people think and act exactly like they do. Tolerance to them actually means submission.

It’ll be interesting to see how this one goes.