Say what you want about Pastor Rick Warren but the guy held the absolute best presidential forum in 2008. It was infinitely better than the sham debates held by the MSM. Infinitely.

It was at Warren’s forum where Obama was asked point blank when he thought babies in the womb get human rights. His answer was painful and I think woke a lot of people up about him. Not enough sadly but some.

It’s now being reported that Warren is looking to hold another one for the 2012 election, according to The Church Report. I think this is great news. The way Warren ran it last time didn’t allow for a question and then a one-minute canned speech. Sure there was some of that but Warren tried to make it a conversation which was great. And he asked questions that actual people would be interested in, not questions that would elicit pats on the back from other media elites at cocktail parties. Warren’s forum was a break from the ridiculous fawning from the media elites that I expect will actually get worse this time around.

The exact date is still to be determined and Warren said no formal agreement is in place. I’d bet Obama’s going to do everything he can to avoid returning to Saddleback. His campaign knows how useless he is without a teleprompter. And Warren will likely ask about religious liberty as opposed to the way the media elites would ask Obama, “Why do you think the Church hates women?”

I hope Obama returns to Saddleback. I just doubt that he will.