I saw the news last night that a lawsuit against the HHS mandate had been dismissed by a federal judge. The news reports all focused on the seven states and the attorneys general who’d filed the suit. Some of the reports eventually got around to referring to “an individual” who had also signed on to the suit.

But that individual has a name. It’s Stacy Thomlison, a Catholic convert and FOCUS missionary who filed suit against the HHS mandate because she didn’t want to pay for insurance that covered abortifacients, contraceptives and sterilization procedures.

When I learned the lawsuit was tossed last night I gave her a call. I decided against calling the attorneys because I figured all I’d get from them is a “statement” that’d been crafted by three p.r. professionals, edited by two lawyers, and examined by a bureau or bureaucrats. I prefer to speak with humans. Stacy used words like “surprised” and “saddened” when I spoke with her.

It seems the judge, a Nixon appointee, decided that no “real injury” had been done to Stacy because the mandate hadn’t yet gone into effect and besides, the Obama administration has promised to make some kind of “accommodation” that would make it perfectly fine for Christians to act against their beliefs. In short, the judge seems to have believed the Obama administration.

Stacy? Not so much.

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