I read this story at CNS News about Newt Gingrich saying HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has declared war on the Catholic Church and I was like “meh.”

And then I thought about it. This country is so far gone that it’s almost yawn worthy for a former presidential candidate to say that a high ranking official in the Administration has declared war on the Church.

Here’s what Newt said: “This secretary of HHS is a radical. She is waging war on the Catholic Church. She’s adopted radical positions on a range of issues.”

Just a few years ago this would’ve been a Drudge headline waiting to happen. Now, it’s “yeah, everyone knows that.”

There’s absolutely nothing surprising about it anymore. The anti-Catholic venom which this administration injects into its policies and rhetoric is so apparent that it’s become a shruggable event. That tells you how dangerous a time we actually live in.