As I watch the economic mess in Europe unfold like a slow motion video of that diver who back flopped at the Olympics, I sometimes ponder a strange question.

Is this the time they were talking about?

“Is this the time…”

What time? The time when Europe leads the world into the conflagration. A time of crisis the likes of which has never been seen before. Boy, after all we have seen before, that should make one shudder.

“They were talking about?”

What they? Catholic prophets. Yes, we do have those believe it or not. We just don’t like to talk about lest someone think that we are like those wild-eyed folks, bless their hearts, with the “in case of rapture this car will be unmanned” bumper stickers.

No, we are not like them but we do have prophets (Yes, even the future telling kind.) And while there is no shortage of “catholic” quacks and charlatans out there, there are dozens and dozens of quotes from Approved Catholic sources, saints, sages, Fathers and Doctors of the Church who have gone out of their way to let us know what may befall mankind before the end of the world.

Now, while no Catholic MUST believe in any of it and any Catholic is free to REJECT all of it, that doesn’t mean I can’t discuss it. [If you are not keen on discussing it, read no further and kindly refrain from commenting. Gracias.]

So what do these saints, sages, Fathers and Doctors tell us? The basic scenario goes something like this: (Nutshell version)

Sometime near the end of the world, but before the rise of Antichrist, the world and the Church will be in a terrible state. Faith is greatly diminished and…

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