The National Organization for Women declared Tuesday night that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his running-mate Paul Ryan are “The most dangerous men in America.”


According to The Daily Caller, NOW president Terry O’Neill said that the Republican ticket’s opposition to federal funding for Planned Parenthood, support for the personhood of unborn children, and opposition to the Obamacare contraception mandate make Romney and Ryan “THE MOST DANGEROUS MEN” IN AMERICA!!!!” (Exclamation points mine)

So by trying to save little humans, Romney and Ryan are ultra dangerous super villains. I don’t know, trying to save the helpless seems kinda’ noble to me but who am I to question the brilliance of my elders.

But if you think Romney and Ryan are THE MOST DANGEROUS MEN IN AMERICA”and that scares you don’t worry because thankfully THE MOST DANGEROUS MEN IN AMERICA can be defeated just by donating $15 to NOW.

Wow. That’s a pretty glaring weakness for THE MOST DANGEROUS MEN IN AMERICA. 15 bucks?

Swiper the Fox from Dora the Explorer isn’t defeated that easy and he’s not even the most dangerous fox in animation.