Make no mistake, the meeting of pro-life Democrats was only near the Democrat National Convention and not at it.

A group of pro-life Democrats gathered in a hotel near the convention the way that a teenage boy stalks the house of the girl who dumped him, with love unrequited.

This year not a single pro-life Democrat was allowed to speak at the convention, a convention that adopted the most radical pro-abortion plank possible while at the same time expunging any mention of God. I think God is happy that at least they have stopped pretending. But the pro-lifers in the party still won’t take no for an answer.

They gathered for a panel discussion in a hotel conference room. The board of Democrats for Life of America present includes two former U.S Representatives and a smattering of academics, but not one sitting elected pro-life Democrat. Yet they still don’t get the message.

Among the former U.S. Representatives is the notorious Bart Stupak, the man who cut the deal with President Obama to support Obamacare in exchange for an executive order prohibiting the funding of abortion that every pro-lifer without a D after his name knew was meaningless. But Bart Stupak and the other pro-life Democrats ignored the warning because they wanted to believe.

So now what does …

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