Rep. Bart Stupak, the “pro-life” Democrat who twisted his soul for President Obama so that he could could force Obamacare on us now says he was duped.

Stupak gave Obama the votes he needed by cutting a deal for a useless executive order prohibiting Obamacare from paying for abortion. For his trouble, Stupak was forced to retire from Congress and now he realizes that he was had.

He argues that because the mandate covers “contraceptive services” and drugs that induce abortion, the entire thing is “illegal.”

“To tell you the truth, I am perplexed and disappointed having negotiated the executive order with the president.” Stupak said during a panel discussion. “Not only does that HHS mandate violate the executive order, it also violates statutory law.”

“If you go back to the Omnibus Budget Act of 2009, passed by Democratic House, Democratic Senate and signed by President Obama, that is probably the most specific particular language that no funds can be used to promote abortion,” he added.

Talking about the HHS mandate, he said “I think it’s illegal. I believe it has contraceptive services, it also has drugs that induce [abortions].”

Sometimes “I told you so” just doesn’t cut it.

My problem with this is that it was entirely predictable and actually was predicted by every pro-lifer that doesn’t have a D after his name.

The fact that he admits it now does not console.

*subhead*Too little too late.*subhead*