Just a quick point.

All we have heard the past few weeks is how bad Romney’s campaign has been. How off message. How gaffe prone. Falling apart. In need of an intervention. A rolling calamity. And so on…

The State Run Media has thrown the kitchen sink at the man for the last 2+ weeks. Releasing secret video. Pretending the truth is a gaffe. Lying. Dissembling. And failing to report the complete national security failure of the Obama administration and its inept cover-up. Add to this the same weak-kneed “Republican” pundits who insisted we nominate Romney getting all wobbly on him at the first sign of trouble and running to the first liberal microphone they can find.

All this. All this and Romney is still tied in the National polls.

His campaign meltdown has him tied against the incumbent with over a month to go.

If after all this, Romney is still tied with a fair amount of undecideds left, Obama should be really really scared.

As of right now and barring some major debate meltdown or the ultimate Obama October surprise, I think that Romney is going to win.

*subhead*Romney will win.*subhead*