Planned Parenthood, aka Death Inc., is settling a lawsuit with a young woman after a seven-year battle.

The lawsuit claimed that the abortion giant failed to report a case of incestual rape which it was required to do under law. But here’s the thing the young girl didn’t understand – sure she was being raped by her father but the Dad’s check cleared. And that’s all that matters to Big Abortion. For The only morality is the benjamins.


The incest began when Fairbanks was 13. While in the clinic going through the process at age 16, she told staff that the relation was forced, but it was not reported to authorities as required by Ohio law.

After the abortion, she was sent home and to the same environment. A year later, Fairbanks told her basketball coach, who reported it to police, and the father was jailed.

Hey, it’s almost like Lila Rose was right about in those undercover videos she made revealing that abortuaries don’t give a hoot about children or women. They care about cash.

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