The United Nations has become so radical that even feminist groups are siding with Catholic bishops. You know how crazy left you have to be to make feminists side with bishops against you? Well, the UN has now officially reached that level of crazy.

A recent UN report called for legalizing prostitution as a way of preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in Asia. ‘Cause that’ll work.

You know, bring it out of the back alley or something. (Those back alleys must be crammed with folks doing all sorts of things if you listen to some people.)

The report was thankfully condemned by the National Alliance of Women in the Philippines, which said prostitution is the “worse exploitation that can be done to women.”

Now, Zenit reports that a Filipino bishop has denounced the United Nations.

Bishop Broderick Pabillo, Auxiliary Bishop of Manila, reportedly called the report “morally unacceptable” and stated that it would only worsen the current situation. “Give women real rights and decent jobs and not prostitution,” said Pabillo.

He asked what would happen if prostitution were legalized. He said that people would come from all around the globe with cash to exploit more women.

This is the UN, folks. But let’s face it, this is the logical end of “My body, my choice.”