Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal has his prescription for conservatives. In short, it’s give up on defending traditional marriage and stop protecting life from the moment of conception. Because that’s not cool.

Who knows, this may be great political advice. But they’ll do it without me.

I love this part about marriage though:

Fellow conservatives, please stop obsessing about what other adults might be doing in their bedrooms, so long as it’s lawful and consensual and doesn’t impinge in some obvious way on you. This obsession is socially uncouth, politically counterproductive and, too often, unwittingly revealing.

Well, we’re sorry to have embarrassed you. But here’s the thing, the debate over marriage has nothing…NOTHING…to do with what’s going on in people’s bedrooms. In fact, the gay “marriage” advocates are the ones seeking to codify what they do in the bedroom into law.

So what Stephens is saying makes no sense in that respect.

Many people say the same thing about abortion. They say, “Keep the government out of the bedroom!!!” But abortion has nothing to do with the bedroom. Last I heard, Planned Parenthood doesn’t make house calls to the bedroom. If women are seeking an abortion, the bedroom part is kinda’ over and done with.

Stephens had a prescription for how the GOP should deal with the abortion issue as well.

Also, please tone down the abortion extremism. Supporting so-called partial-birth abortions, as too many liberals do, is abortion extremism. But so is opposing abortion in cases of rape and incest, to say nothing of the life of the mother.

Here’s the thing. Didn’t the GOP just have a candidate for the presidency who said those exact same things. He was pro-life except in cases of rape and incest and the life of the mother. So I’m not sure what Stephens is saying here because I don’t know if he knows this but Romney lost. Kinda’ bad too.

So I’m assuming he’s talking about guys like Akin and Mourdock. Uhm yeah. I think the lesson learned there is that when a candidate talks about rape, he’s losing points. No matter what you’re saying about rape, you’re losing points, unless you’re saying something like, “I just caught this rapist and strung him up by his…”

Here’s my thinking — how about instead of sitting around waiting to take hits on how extreme we are, we hit Democrats for their extremism. Why not? Guess what, people don’t like partial birth abortion or late term abortions.

I’ve got to wonder sometimes. How are pro-lifers losing? WE’RE DEFENDING BABIES!!!!! CUTE BABIES!!!! How the heck are we losing? The cutest people on Earth are being pulled apart or burned to death in the womb and those who defend them are seen as monsters????!!!!! Are pro-lifers the worst p.r. people in the world? We’re defending little people that make other people smile when they just look at them.

And what’s the result — one party is defeating us and the other is considering ignoring us.

We’re losing because too many Republicans want to be liked. We’re losing because too many Republicans in their heart think they’re wrong on marriage and abortion. They think, “All the cool people think otherwise.” And they want to be one of the cool kids.

I understand it’s tougher to defend life in the cellular stage because they’re not cute but holy cow folks. Let’s put our best foot forward. Have some courage. Defend life. Let’s make some headway on this.

And remember this, ignoring you is what the Republican Party wants to do to you. They want you to vote for them and they want to ignore you completely. Because you’re not cool.

I may be, as Stephens said, “socially uncouth” but I’m cool with that. I don’t need to be invited to your parties. I’d probably just bore you showing baby pictures anyway.

HT Ace of Spades