Ladies and gentleman, stick your nose under the tent and witness a bizarre fun house world. Why, inside anything is possible. Corey Feldman may be talented, Ed Schultz smart, and the CW televising shows for the thinking man.

Please cast your eyes on the exhibit of the stupidest things ever said in the history of television. To understand just how stupid a statement has to be to get on this list, nobody from the cast of The View even got an honorable mention. Yeah, that stupid.

Yes, sometimes someone says something so stupid that it actually has been known to make viewers brain cells cry. When faced with such a black hole of reason, a smattering of IQ points have been known to crawl out of ears and gone off to find a Dolph Lundgren double feature, never to be seen again. Step right up and watch CBS’s Nancy Giles beclown herself by saying…wait for it… that the reason white people are “trying to eliminate all these abortions” is “to build up the race.”

Are you o.k.? I know that’s a lot to take in. You need smelling salts? Reportedly the blunt force trauma of this stupidity was so severe that a nearby MENSA convention began arguing over Jar Jar Binks. Oh wait, that actually happens all the time.

I’ll talk you through this. It’s kinda’ like I’m talking you through diffusing a bomb. So let’s me and you cut through these wires. Real slow like.

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