It’s being reported that a professor at the University of Texas has sparked a terrible controversy by saying that black students are failing academically because so many are raised in single parent households.

In an interview with the BBC, law professor Lino Graglia said “I can hardly imagine a less beneficial or more deleterious experience than to be raised by a single parent,” Graglia said. “Usually a female, uneducated and without a lot of money.”

He pointed out that, on average, prospective black college students score 200 points lower than their white counterparts in SAT tests. According to the 82-year-old almost three-quarters of black children are born outside of marriage, which hinders their success.

Now, it’s being reported as he’s attacking single mothers. And all I can think is that he’s not really attacking single mothers at all. Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say he’s criticizing deadbeat dads for leaving their kids?

The moms are the ones left holding the bag. He wasn’t blaming them. He was simply saying that kids born to single parents have a harder time in life. In what world is that controversial. I’m serious. Do we really think that the complete breakdown of family has absolutely no effect on anything?

You see, some would rather ignore the reasons why so many fail and say they’re sensitive than to say out loud the reason so many fail.