The magician works his magic through distraction and misdirection.

So much of the discussion of gun laws have understandably focused on the overreach of government and the rights of individuals to keep and bear arms. We are asking a lot of questions: Does the government have the right to pass these laws? Would they be effective in preventing mass shootings? Should we focus on mental health? What is the culpability of video game makers? Etc.

These may all seem like reasonable questions, but I caution you. The magician is working his magic while you are distracted by what you think is important.

Some people have been asking, why is the government so insistent on banning things and putting regulations in place that they must know will not do anything? They are not stupid, so why? This question gets closer to the answer.

Let me ask you a question. What is the end-game for the progressives when it comes to guns? You know the answer, they want to disarm all Americans. That is the end-game.

Well we all know that there isn’t the political will for such a scheme executed outright. So how do these regulations get them closer to the end-game? Well, as it turns out, it is all about supply and demand.

I was chatting with a local NY firearms dealer the other day to get his sense of things. He told me that things have calmed down a bit after the buying frenzy of the past 2 months. He told me that since New York put in place the new restrictions, things have been real slow. He confessed to me that he was worried about his business. You see, he told me, when the complete law goes into effect in April, half the guns he used to sell will be banned. The new law requires that guns, including semi-automatic handguns, have no more than 7 rounds in a magazine.

Problem is, no manufacturer actually makes a 7 round gun. Most are 15. He has no idea if the manufacturers will even make such a weapon in the future since NY is the only one with that number. So he either has to give up that half of his business or he has to hand-modify each of the guns to only allow 7 rounds.

“Honestly,” he said, “I just don’t know if it is worth it anymore.”

I told him that I thought the 7 round limit was completely arbitrary and useless.

But he said, “No! It isn’t arbitrary at all. They did it on purpose for this exact reason. They want us to give up!”

And that was the moment I got a peek at what the magician is really up to. While the laws make things less convenient for gun owners, they make things really difficult on firearms dealers. These arbitrary laws are not aimed at reducing gun violence or reducing the number of gun incidents, they are aimed at reducing the number of gun dealers. If they can make it more and more difficult on gun dealers, they will restrict the supply and make guns that much more difficult to get. Then more and more individuals will surmise that it isn’t worth the hassle, and give up just like the dealers did. Dry up the suppliers, dry up the supply, kill demand.

We should always be concerned about our individual rights, but pay attention to the other hand. The right to buy and keep a gun does precious little good if there is no one left to sell it to you.

If you want to protect your 2nd amendment rights, look at what the other hand of the magician is up to. And remmeber…

Save the gun dealers, save the world.

*subhead*Save the gun dealers, save the world.*subhead*