They were a tornado of plaid and elbows running out the doors of their Catholic elementary school. Four of them waved a green piece of paper above their heads excitedly but the kindergartener was just running because she doesn’t know any other speed.

I hardly had time to imagine what was on the green paper before they slammed themselves against the van all eager to be the first to announce something. In the maelstrom of words I made out the phrase “talent show.”

The girls were particularly excited. The 13 year old climbed into the front seat, which still feels strange to me. She told me she was going to perform something by Taylor Swift with two of her classmates. The 11 year old also wanted to sing something by Taylor Swift so there was a brief argument but it was submerged in the excitement.

The ten year old told me she would dribble a basketball through her legs and behind her back and maybe perform some magic. (Not sure how they’d segue but she seemed excited.)

When we arrived home I read the handout and my thirteen year old whispered to bring my attention to the bottom which said that only 1st through 8th could perform. She enjoys these conspiratorial moments because I think it makes her feel like an adult. I think sometimes to grow up someone has to let you.

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