With so much going on these days, perhaps you missed the latest tempest in a shot glass.

Bourbon manufacturer Maker’s Mark announced last week that because they were unable to keep up with demand for their product and because they wanted to spread MM’s goodness far and wide, they would water down their liquor so they can make more of it. Everybody wins!!


After a huge backlash, Maker’s Mark relented and apologized for this monumentally stupid idea.

It seems to me that Maker’s Mark learned a lesson that mainline protestantism and progressive Catholics have yet to learn. You don’t expand your product base and your following by watering down the product. By watering it down, all you end up doing is creating is creating something fake that nobody wants. You don’t reach more people by watering it down, you reach less.

When it comes to religion, the real Maker’s Mark is truth.

Keep the product pure and make the cost high and you will be surprised how many people will want it.

*subhead*The real thing.*subhead*