We keep getting told that gay marriage is inevitable and all who oppose it are homophobes who will be relegated to the dustbin of history soon enough. And sure, 2012 was a bad year for traditional marriage. But it was a bad year all around for conservatives. I’ll just ask why is one of the most liberal states in the country still polling to defend traditional marriage.

The Star Trib reports:

A majority of Minnesotans oppose legalizing same-sex marriage, the Star Tribune Minnesota Poll has found.

Fifty-three percent of Minnesotans say the state statute banning same-sex unions should stand. Only 38 percent say legislators should overturn the law this year, while 9 percent are undecided.

The new poll offers a fresh snapshot of an issue that has deeply divided the state. It was just five months ago that Minnesotans rejected a proposal to put the ban into the state’s Constitution. Legislators now are considering bills that would make gay marriage legal.

House Speaker Paul Thissen said he found the poll results surprising.

I believe that traditional marriage can win the day…as long as the Supreme Court doesn’t Roe us on gay marriage.