When I was eight years old I gave my father a picture of me for his birthday. It’s become something of a family joke. Let’s just say not many Thanksgivings go by without someone mocking me for the high esteem in which I hold myself.

So as a fellow overestimater of one’s worth to others, I look at this story and say, “Whoa, I’m not that bad.”

In a move reminiscent of President Obama giving the Queen of England cd’s of his speeches, The Daily Caller reports:

Foreign dignitaries who came to Hillary Clinton’s court at the State Department during the early days of her tenure as America’s chief diplomat often left with an autographed copy her autobiography, according to a new book on Clinton’s time as secretary of state.

I at least have the excuse that I was eight years old. Could you imagine doing something like this as an adult?

This is the kind of story that shakes me a little bit because it just tells me that the people in charge aren’t like you and me. They’re different. There’s something…off about them.

It reminds me of stories you’d read about “the ruling class” in history books. I know it’s just a silly little thing but it speaks to an unbridled narcissism that unsettles me. It’s supposed to be “We the people” not us and our narcissistic overlords.