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The Catholic parody site Eye of the Tiber had a funny post about the Pope picking up the late shift at McDonald’s so he could donate some extra clams to the poor.

Funny stuff. But one little problem. There is an substantial subset of people on this planet who just do not understand satire or parody. One of those unfortunate people must work for Ghana News, because they re-published the story as actual news.

Pope Francis takes a job at McDonald’s as charity to the poor


The new Holy Father, after paying his hotel bill the day of his election to “give an example to priests,” has decided to submit an application to work the midnight shift at the McDonald’s on Via Del Corso in order to “make a few extra clams” to give to the poor.
My children, as St. Paul reminded the Thessalonians: “For you remember our labor and toil, brethren, we worked night and day, that we might not burden any of you, while we preached to you the gospel of God.”
I also, taking his example, wish to toil, in order to raise funds for a new couch that this one guy really needs.”
The manager at the McDonald’s, who reviewed the Holy Father’s application, stated that the Pope was, “ridiculously overqualified” for the job, but added, “but like, he’s the Pope. How exactly do you say no to him?”
At press time, His Holiness was reportedly selling three Big Macs to Cardinal Sandri of the Congregation for the Eastern Churches, and then proceeding to kneel and ask for his blessing. (Via:

As it turns out, Ghana doesn’t even have any McDonald’s franchises. Maybe that is why they didn’t get the joke.

Fortunately, we do!!

Thanks to Larry for the tip.

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