A principal in the Salt lake City school district banned a Cub Scout pack from meeting in an elementary school, according to news reports. So all you who think that the Church has nothing to fear from the legalization of gay marriage are fooling themselves.

About 30 eight to 11 year-olds were told they could no longer meet at Mountain View Elementary School because the Boy Scout’s ban on gay members in leaders conflicted with the school district’s anti-bias policy.

The ban drew the ire of Michael Clara, a school board member and lifetime Boy Scout. Clara filed the federal complaint on behalf of two Latino parents.

“I believe it is an assault on the founding principles of our country for school officials to attempt to exclude a voice no less legitimate than its own from public school participation,” Clara told Fox News. “A marketplace of ideas devoid of competitive viewpoints engenders an insidious society of conformity, contrary to the fundamental precepts of our Constitution.”

He claims the school district is violating the Boy Scout Act – a law that requires schools to allow access to the Boy Scouts if they allow access to outside groups.

This is not an anomaly. The moment gay marriage becomes legal, the push will be on to make it illegal for the Catholic Church to refuse to perform gay marriages. How long until the Church keeps it tax exemption? How long will the Church be eligible to receive federal grants?

The federal government will say they can’t subsidize hate and they’ll take away all tax exemptions and remove any possibility of grant money much like they did for Catholic-run charities because they wouldn’t perform abortions. And then the federal government will continue funding Planned Parenthood because that’s killing babies for love.

There’s no doubt about this. It’s an inevitability.