The Feet Washing Kerfuffle is long over. Yet since then I have seen a number of weak bloggers continue to misrepresent the arguments of others and feign outrage over the imagined slights to the person of the Pope. Since I was on the receiving end of such nonsense, I have just laughed it off and tuned it out as flaccid attempts at fearlessness by the milquetoast set. Ho hum.

But I came across one that I just cannot let go. Bomb-thrower extraordinaire, Steve Kellmeyer suddenly gets the pretend vapors over Father Z.’s commentary and completely unjustly attacks Father Z. ending with this little hissy fit.

Frankly, Z is pretty sickening.

If this is the best the traditionalists can do, it’s no wonder the rest of the Catholic world finds traditionalists disgusting.

Yet his critiques of Father Z.’s comments, as have other’s critiques of some of my commentary, are juvenile out of context excerpts punctuated with jejune derision passing for commentary. Father Z. does a fine job of clarifying his comments and he certainly doesn’t need me to defend him, but I just couldn’t let it go.

The reason I couldn’t let it go is that Master Kellmeyer’s stock and trade is over-the-top criticism. And now suddenly he pretends outrage over the reasonable and balanced statements of Father Z.? And all this a weak week after the fact?

I think Master Kellmeyer doth protest too much.

The thing with ulterior motives, it is usually best to keep them ulterior. When you do ridiculous things this obviously, people might think you are obviously ridiculous.