I like Jane Goodall. She seems nice enough and she looks like Mrs. Claus but instead of being surrounded by elves she’s got monkeys all over her.

So I like her but I still don’t think she should be lecturing at a Catholic college. She’s strongly advocated birth control as a means of slowing climate change.

Goodall is a population control advocate and pointedly accused the Catholic Church of standing in the way of reducing the population, saying, ”The Catholic Church makes quite a major problem when you are trying to balance between people and their environment and that’s what has to happen.”

So it makes perfect sense that Gonzaga University is having her in to speak about her beliefs on the environment and animal rights, according to the Jesuit university’s website.

I could understand if she were there to debate these issues but let’s face it, that’s not what’s happening here. I’m sure she’s being lauded and praised as we speak.

Goodall is there as part of the Presidential Speaking Series. The last invitee was Thomas Friedman who has praised China’s disgusting one-child policy, saying it “probably saved China from a population calamity.”

Anyone here noticing a trend?