In a face saving move, Gonzaga University has admitted the Knights of Columbus and asked the panel that rejected them to ‘clarify’ their rules. [ht Fr. Z]

Statement from the Office of President, Gonzaga University

University President Thayne McCulloh has completed his review of a decision issued last month regarding the “club status” of a Knights of Columbus Council at Gonzaga.

Dr. McCulloh communicated to the student leader of the organization that the Knights of Columbus St. Aloysius Gonzaga Council #12583 is approved as a sponsored organization at Gonzaga. This sponsorship is granted under the University’s “Standards for On-Campus Religious Activities Policy.” The Council has been granted permission to: utilize the University’s name in its title; fundraise on campus for the purpose of advancing the Council’s mission and activities; meet in and utilize campus facilities, including for the purposes of hosting events; and to recruit members and participants in membership activities such as the semi-annual Club Fair. As with other student organizations, it is obligated to follow University policies and procedures.

Also as a result of his review, Dr. McCulloh has directed the Student Activities department to review and update the “Clubs and Organizations Recognition Policy,” with the goal of more clearly and explicitly identifying benefits of recognition and criteria for club eligibility. The revisions are expected to be in place in time for the coming academic year.

Dr. McCulloh once again affirmed the University’s value, respect and support for the purpose and good works of the Knights of Columbus, with which the University has enjoyed a long and mutually collaborative relationship at the local level.

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