A Florida man has been arrested by federal authorities on first degree murder charges for allegedly tricking his girlfriend into taking abortion pills and killing their unborn child.

John Andrew Welden, 28, reportedly switched his girlfriend’s antibiotics with Cytotec, an abortion pill he reportedly had obtained from his father, an ob-gyn.

Remee Lee went to the hospital on Easter Sunday due to painful cramping and bleeding. There she was told that the baby no longer had a heartbeat. Lee had fully intended to keep the baby. In fact, she said that it was her determination to have a healthy baby that Welden played on by urging her to take what he told her were anti-biotics.

Lee reportedly called the abortion drug Welden’s “weapon of choice.”

After examining the pills she believed to be an antibiotic, doctors discovered they were actually abortion pills.

Weldon had allegedly took Lee to see his father, the ob-gyn, when she learned she was pregnant. Weldon showed up the next day at her house telling her that tests showed she had an infection and would need to take the antibiotics for a few days. That day was Good Friday.

Reportedly, the last post on Welden’s Facebook page simply reads, “Please pray for me.”

Ironically, the website of the father’s medical office boasts of helping infertile women conceive.