Primarily because I am sick of people being mad at me, I want to write a post sure to generate no controversy.

Here are the best songs ever by category.

Best TV theme Song Ever!!

Greatest American Hero

Best Song With Naked Aboriginals In a Major Motion Picture.

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Greatest Christian Rock Song Ever!

I Can Only Imagine –Mercy Me

Best Version of Battle Hymn Of The Republic Ever! –Kalai. (It has banjos, slide guitar, and yodeling! Awesome squared)

Best Hymn/Devotional in a Major Motion Picture!!

Non Nobis – Henry V

Best Song That People Think Is Religious But Is So Totally Not Religious

Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley

Best Superhero Theme Song Ever!!!

Superman – John Williams

Best Music In A White Guy’s Sport Movie Ever!!

Chariots of Fire!

Best Music In A White Guy’s Sport Movie Ever Part 2!!

Best Use Of Clare De Lune Ever!!

*subhead*And So On.*subhead*