I’ve got a question. You’ve probably read the news that the Colorado Civil Rights Division decided in favor of a “transgender” first-grader who will now be allowed to use the girl’s bathroom at a public elementary school.

The lawsuit was filed by The Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund. News reports all indicate that the student, Coy Mathis, was born biologically male but wears girls’ clothes all the time.

Here’s the thing. We’re told very often that there is no difference betwen boys and girls. We’re told that if you had a girl and had her play with trucks instead of dolls she’d be all cool with that and she’d love trucks. We all know that’s a load of hooey but that’s what we’re often told. We are told that gender differences are learned.

But then we are told that a litle boy who likes dresses must be treated like a girl. Wait, what? So is wearing dresses a defining characteristic of a girl or not? I thought that was all put on them.

In short, we’re told that gender is malleable, except when they say it isn’t.

Because a boy wears a dress he’s a girl? Because he says so? Well, kids say all sorts of stupid things. My five year old think she’s Batman half the time. I’m not going to give her a bat-a-rang for her birthday.

But we all know this isn’t a kid issue. This a parent issue. They’re pushing this and their child is going to pay the price. Sad.