I am almost there.

For years, I have advocated involvement in the Republican party by conservative Catholics as the best means of creating an effective group dedicated to the principles we hold dear. Among these principles are life, liberty, and subsidiarity.

Many of the like-minded have had their frustration with the Republican party’s feckless, cowardly, and ineffective leadership in which show votes with no chance of becoming law are the a means to keep the base happy with the leadership and a sizable portion of the party go along with the progressive legislative agenda of the day.

We have have pinned our hopes on the American people to wake up, rise up, only to be disappointed time and again. We have put our hope in men elected with a promise no compromise with our governing elites, only to have them co-opted before even taking the oath. We have gone along with compromises and losses portrayed as victory because we were told that it is the best we can do.

All the while the party moves further and further away from the principles we hold dear and has shown itself ineffective and unconcerned with stemming the tide. All this while party elites look down on me and my ilk knowing that we have no place else to go.

So I as ponder all this I must ask myself, if the party will not stand for the principles I hold dear, if they have proven an ineffective block on the march of progressive death fetish, why can’t I go some place else. Isn’t it time?

I am now officially open to a 3rd party. I am ready and willing and able to renounce any affiliation with the Republican party. If my vote is nothing more than symbolic, which it seems to be, shouldn’t that symbol stand for something better than the weak and pathetic Republicans?

I am done with them. Yes the Democrats are mostly worse and I will never support them. But my support of the Republican party has done nothing to advance the principles I hold dear or to slow the progressive steamroller. I think maybe it is time to consider a 3rd party. Maybe a 3rd party cannot win, but perhaps I can help the Republican party die. It deserves it.