As we’ve talked about before Senator Marco Rubio may introduce legislation to ban abortion after 20 weeks. This legislation has zero chance of even being introduced in the Senate.

And then we have the House refusing to vote on the immigration bill that passed the Senate.

I would just love to see Marco Rubio broker a deal that would have the House agree to vote on the immigration bill if the Senate would agree to vote on the abortion bill. Here’s the thing – the Democrats would never go for it. Not in a million years. Because nothing…and I mean NOTHING is as important as abortion to the Democrat Party.

It would be interesting to see the Democrats explain to the country why immigration is less important than killing babies. Think about it, Obamacare, which was pretty darn important to the president and the party, could’ve been passed a year before it was passed if they agreed to not fund abortion. But they wouldn’t do it. They wrangled for a year until Bart Stupak fell under the weight of the pressure, pretending to be fooled by an executive order. So yeah, abortion was more important than healthcare.

Also, remember that this Administration threatened to cut off Medicaid funding for the poor in Indiana unless the state agreed to fund Planned Parenthood. So yeah, abortion funding is more important than helping the poor.

Remember when Vice President Joe Biden pulled his support for Komen because they decided not to fund Planned Parenthood. So yeah, abortion is more important than breast cancer research.

So yeah, I’m thinking abortion is more important than immigration reform. And hey, if they accepted I’d love to have an actual vote to limit abortion. Win. Win.

*subhead*Win win.*subhead*