The Texas State House formally passed the omnibus Pro-life bill (HB2) by a vote of 96 to 49. Yes. It now moves on to the state Senate.

Wendy Davis hardest hit. Actually no. Davis is now a star in Democrat politics. I’m sure her reputation as an infanticide supporter will boost her into being a star in the party.

After the Senate votes, the bill is going to land on Governor Rick Perry’s desk. Perry’s been a strong leader on this.

The media has done its best to portray those protesting the bill as heroes, even ignoring their “Hail Satan” chants and their death threats. Hey, what’s a little death threat when abortion is one the line.

“The recent disturbing behavior displayed by abortion advocates reflect the truth that those opposed to this common ground legislation are more concerned about the institution of abortion rather than the individual lives at stake,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “As Texas takes another step towards protecting an entire class of unborn children, we continue working to expose the horror of late-term abortion that is occurring nationwide.”

This whole protest was a losing cause from the get-go but it was done to send a message. If a state attempts to curb abortion in any way they will be castigated by protesters and the media.

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