Statement of Foreign Policy.

Dear Tyrant,
Please stick to approved methods of slaughtering your people. If you use unapproved methods of slaughtering your people, we will conduct telegraphed brief and limited military action that will NOT be targeted at the following:

  • We will not target your unapproved slaughter capabilities.
  • We will not target you, tyrant.
  • We will not try to destabilize your regime even though we have called for regime change for 2 years ever since we stopped calling you a model of rational leadership in the middle east.

Instead, we will briefly and in a limited way target runways and military bases so as to:

  • Preserve my credibility after making a foolish line in the sand threat.
  • Preserve my belief in my own peace aura.
  • All while not angering the other Islamo-nazi groups that I currently back.

That about sum it up?

*subhead*Summing it up.*subhead*