A little background first as to who this wacky abortionist is. Abortionist Randall Whitney was arrested after he slapped a woman patient. It seems he couldn’t find a vein for an IV line and when she began to complain that he was hurting her he smacked her upside the head.

Whitney was arrested at the time and jailed following the incident, according to LifeNews.com. But recently the medical board just gave him what amounts to a pass on the incident. They could’ve revoked his license but instead they just fined him instead.

So now you know who the dude is. Well here he is pulling into the clinic and stopping to yell at a pro-lifer that she’s a terrible mother. He then yells that the unborn “being” is not a baby. He says it’s not a baby until it’s “separate from its host.”

Its host. You know, the kind of host that he slapped upside the head for not listening to him. Really take a look at that comment. The baby is an “it” and the mother is a “host.” Nice worldview, huh?

But somehow he calls the pro-lifer a bad mother. Shouldn’t she just be called a bad former “host.”

Worst of all…no not worst of all but still pretty darn horrifying…is he says he grew up in the Church.

You have to check it out:

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