An abortionist in Fort Wayne, Indiana failed to report a 13-year-old’s abortion within three days, breaking state law.

In Indiana, sex with a girl under 14 years of age is considered child molestation no matter how old the boy/man is. So by failing to report the abortion to the state in a timely manner, this isn’t just a case where the abortionist forgot to file the TPS reports on time. What happened here is that the abortionist failed to report a crime which he is legally obligated to do.

Dr. Ulrich Klopfer reportedly performed the abortion on the 13 year old on Feb. 7 at the Fort Wayne Women’s Health Organization but didn’t report it to the Indiana Department of Health until July 25, according to the complaint filed by local pro-lifers.

So a child was in danger and the abortionist sat on the information for five months. Nice guy, huh?

According to the stories I read and saw on this, calls to the clinic from reporters are being hung up on. One reporter went to the clinic but as she approached the door they locked it and turned and put up the “Closed” sign.

This is important because we’ve seen this before with Live Action’s videos where abortion clinics simply refuse to follow the law. Who knows how often they’re covering up crimes? These are the people who say they care so much about girls and women. But when a young girl was in danger, they did nothing for five months.

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