A Catholic priest who recently announced that he got a parishioner pregnant says his son was born Saturday. And guess what, he’s got some advice for the Church.

He thinks the Vatican should consider allowing married priests.

“It’s sad I had to choose between caring for this child and all the people I care for at our church. It’s sad I was put in that position,” he told The Daily News. “I know I’m not worthy to be speaking publicly about this because I’m a sinner, but I hope this might help the Catholic Church to look more deeply at the possibility of finding some way to open the door to a married priesthood.”

I get that he’s trying to do the right thing by the child. But you should probably keep your mouth shut when it comes to advice on that kind of thing for a while. I mean, you’re a priest who just had a baby out of wedlock with a parishioner. Don’t go talking to the Daily News the day after your child is born. Come on.