Lately I have had difficulty falling or staying asleep. I have been irritable and feel like I must be in a constant state of hyper-vigilance. I am having unsettling flashbacks and I am jumpy. Mostly I am tired, deep down in your bones tired.

I think I have Pope Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Let me begin by explaining what is not the cause of my issues. I have no fear whatsoever that the Pope is not Catholic or that he will declare something in opposition to the faith. No, we have the Holy Spirit’s protection on that score.

So that being the case, what is your problem Archbold? The Pope can’t dogmatically declare anything in error. We also have the promise that the ‘gates of hell will not prevail’ against the Church. So what are you so worried about?

It is a fair question.

See my answer at National Catholic Register>>>

As always, I appreciate your support over there.

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