For a president who talked all the time about “freedom to worship” this is kinda’ surprising. And by surprising I mean, I actually just can’t believe this hadn’t happened sooner.

You know how Obama put up Barak-cades around that WWII memorial, well now he’s doing the same thing with a military chapel.

The Brody File reports that Father Ray Leonard wasn’t allowed to celebrate Mass this past weekend at the Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay in Georgia. The doors of the chapel were locked with a sign blaming the government shutdown.

He is contracted by the Defense Department to meet the spiritual needs of Catholics, but not now. The chapel doors were locked and the sign said, “Shutdown: No Catholic service till further notice.”

Father Leonard was quoted in the Brody File saying, “This is our church, Catholics have an expectation and obligation to attend Mass and we were told, ‘No you can’t go to church this week…“ My parishioners were upset. They were angry and dismayed. They couldn’t believe that in America they’d be denied access to Mass by the government.”

The King’s Bay Catholic Community’s Facebook site says, “I regret to inform you that Catholic Mass and services provided by our Roman Catholic Priest this weekend and until further notice is canceled due to an absence of funds created by the government’s shutdown. The Director of Religious Education will also not be available. All other religious services normally offered by the SUBASE Chaplains will continue. Please pass the word.”

This ain’t your father’s America. This is Obama’s America. We’re just living in it.

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