This is the saddest NARAL rally, maybe ever. I could get more people to come to my backyard for a “Free foot fungus” giveaway. It’s not just pathetic. It’s pathetic-nado.

It’s a strange mixture of Geritol and bullhorns. And I just love the “Al Sharpton Ready to Riot” home edition bullhorn.

And their rhymes. Oh the rhymes. It’s like Dr. Seuss suffered a concussion, endured a lobotomy, took the brown acid at Woodstock, and became a stark raving racist. They chant, “Not just for the rich & white, health care is a human right!” Mind you, NARAL seems to be saying here that now FINALLY minorities can have more abortions!!! Yes, they’re celebrating more abortions of minority babies.

Man, if abortion ever becomes illegal, these clowns will be left just throwing barbecues celebrating inner-city violence.

Just for reference sake, this is the March for Life 2013.

*subhead*Sad. In a funny way.*subhead*