This video is going sorta’ viral. And it’s just so stupid. I mean just so stupid. This college student from North Carolina is just saying random things that sound like things liberals like to hear and it’s been linked a bunch of places and has about 100,000 hits.

Sadly, this is the state of many of the young today. They are not educated to think soundly and they are not learning their faith. They are being brought up to revere political correctness over all else. Logic is subordinate to feelings. Always.

This should not be a surprise as so many of us handed over our children to be educated by those who hate what we believe. Our children are exposed to damaging cultural influences from a very early age.

This video itself isn’t important. It’s a blip. Don’t even feel the need to watch it, except if you want to be barraged with a strange mixture of arrogance, self-righteousness, and stupidity – kinda’ like an interview with Bob Geldof. But I think it’s pretty typical of the thinking of many. And by “thinking” I mean generally putting together ideas in no discernible logical fashion with the sole intent of making oneself feel good.

I truly believe Western civilization is in a downward spiral. There are always some undercurrents of hope but for the most part we’re just circling the drain at this point.

In the past, it seems to me, that people who hated what Christianity left the faith. But now they stay, they seek to subvert the faith, change it. Now they’re saying they’re actually the true Christians and those who think in the “old way” are bad Christians and hateful.