Jesus. Still the most dangerous person who ever existed.

A city cemetery in Colorado refused to put the name “Jesus” on a tombstone because they thought some would find it offensive. And according to Christian News, the name “Jesus” was even compared with a swastika. Finally, the city relented when Christians heard of it and took to Facebook over this anti-Christian idiocy.

Here’s the thing, idiocy is rampant today. Idiots will always be with us. Sure, one of the problems is that many of the idiots seem to be working for the government right now but for me, the real problem right now is that anti-Christianity is the default position of the idiot. Many in government service often opt for the path of least resistance. Sadly, it seems that when it comes down to possibly offending millions of Christians or irritating a few litigious atheists, they opt for offending the Christians.

HT Christian News

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