You ‘member Abortion Barbie right? She is the pink sneakered hero of the abortion biz in Texas who staged a pointless filibuster to try and stop new clinic regulations. Well, based on her non-accomplishments Wendy Davis is now running for Governor of Texas.

Shockingly, it turns out that the virulently pro-abortion pol is a completely self-centered and delusional narcissist who once sued Disney because the Fort Worth Star – Telegram once wrote and editorial criticizing her disgusting, self-centered, and narcissistic campaign tactics.

After she lost, she sued the Paper and its parent Disney.

Every court at every level laughed her out of the courtroom.

During her failed 1996 City Council campaign bid, Davis was the subject of negative news coverage in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, including an editorial which criticized her negative campaign tactics. Subsequent to her electoral loss, Davis filed a libel lawsuit against the paper, and parent companies The Walt Disney Co. and ABC Inc., to attempt to obtain an award for damages.

In her suit, Davis claimed that the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s editorial had damaged her mental health and infringed upon her “right to pursue public office.”

Take a hike nut-job.

ht Weasel Zippers