I thought the whole pro-choice argument was to keep government from making decisions about babies in the womb. Guess not.

Last year, a pregnant woman from Italy traveled to the UK to attend some kind of training course. While in the country she had a panic attack because she had failed to take her medication for bipolar disorder. Police took the woman to a psychiatric hospital and Essex social services decided “no baby for you.”

That’s right. Essex social services obtained a court order to sedate the woman and forcibly remove the unborn child from her womb via Cesarean section. Of course, the government bureaucrats insist that they were simply acting in the woman’s best interests. So not only did they have surgery performed on this woman without her consent or without contacting her family, they took the baby and they won’t give the baby back.

Christian News reports:

When the woman awoke, she was informed that her child had been removed from her womb—although she did not consent to her daughter being taken.

The child, who is now over a year old, remains in the care of social services, who refuses to return the infant to her mother despite the woman’s pleadings. The woman, who has since obtained legal representation, contends that concerns no longer remain as she has resumed taking her medication. She returned to the UK earlier this year in an attempt to regain custody of her daughter, but was denied.

The father of the child lives in the United States. He’s applied for custody as well. But BIG BROTHER has once again decided they know best and said they’re going to find the right home for this child. They’re currently putting the child up for adoption.

Hey, have you heard any outrage from feminists groups about this incident? All those “pro-choice” organizations seem oddly silent, don’t they?