I am sure this is just another translation issue where the obvious interpretation is a complete overreaction. Right?

Pope Francis has dropped Raymond Cardinal Burke from the Congregation of Bishops in favor of Cardinal Wuerl.

Cardinal Wuerl.

The Pope also dropped a number of other Bishops close to Pope Benedict.

Nothing to see here folks, move along.

Today the calculus of the “Top Four” list changed, perhaps decisively, as Francis dropped Burke from the Congregation for Bishops and added Wuerl. The two cardinals are not known to be allies, to say the least. It’s even less likely now that they’ll be exchanging Christmas cards this year.

Wuerl will remain as Archbishop of Washington but the new appointment means he will make regular trips to the Vatican to vet candidates for bishop in the U.S. and around the world — perhaps the most important way that Francis can secure his legacy.

Those looking for more pastorally-inclined bishops will likely take heart in Wuerl’s advance and Burke’s retreat. But Francis also dropped from the Congregation two other cardinals, both Italians, considered allies of Benedict XVI — Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, 69, described by one Vatican-watcher as “one of the former pope’s most conservative appointments in the Roman Curia,” and Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, 70.
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