The Dallas News ran a pretty darn scary editorial urging a hospital to remove life support from a pregnant woman.

For those unfamiliar, a Texas woman, Marlise Munoz, has been declared dead and is being kept alive by life support. The family, including her husband and parents, want life support removed and are suing to make it happen. The problem is that the woman is pregnant.

There’s a lot going on here but here’s a key graph as to why the editorial board favors removing life support and allowing the baby to die:

The fetus still registers a heartbeat, although it’s unclear whether it also suffered the same brain-destroying oxygen deprivation that ended Muñoz’s life and whether additional, irreversible damage was inflicted by the electric shocks and drugs administered to revive Muñoz’s body.

They don’t say that’s a reason to support killing the child but they put it in there for a reason. The thing is, they’re not even saying the baby is disabled. They’re just kinda’ putting out there that hey, that baby MIGHT BE disabled and that’s good enough for them.

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