My 11 year old had to do a project on the corporal works of mercy. They’ve been studying them for a while. I’ve tested her so many times on clothing the naked, visiting the sick, visiting the imprisoned, and burying the dead that I can’t wait to get to the next chapter.

But first she had a project to do. She had to use a big piece of paper and draw and color a picture of herself doing one of the corporal works of mercy. So she sat down for hours at the kitchen table while I did homework with the other kids. I normally do projects with them but with all the snow days we were a little backed up on homework, tests, and projects so I had to focus on the little ones.

By the time she finished we were running out the door to head to somebody’s practice. And by the time we got home I’d forgotten all about it.

So on the way to school the following morning I remembered I’d never even looked at the project.

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