In my post of yesterday, I discussed how it might sometimes be necessary to speak out (critically) to the Church in order to prevent excesses, division, and even schism.

It got me wondering on another hypothetical. How would the Church be different now if the internet had been invented, say in 1963?

Would a more general and critical scrutiny of the draft documents of the Second Vatican Council made for more precise and ultimately less divisive documents?

Would the internet have prevented some of the more notorious changes in the Missal of 1970? Would a more general accountability have prevented some of the excesses that followed the Council and the revision of the Mass?

Would critical bloggers in the 70’s and 80’s have outed some of the horrific practices of priests and Bishops and thus avoided the scandal that rocked that destroyed lives and rocked the Church?

There is much discussion today about the disunity that the internet can create, but what about accountability. The internet aids us in holding the Church more accountable to her members and of overlooking abuses and excesses. Ultimately, I hope, that the added accountability, as uncomfortable as it may be for some, aids the unity of the Church.

Anyway, conclusions are difficult. Nevertheless, I think it might be constructive to contemplate.

*subhead*Food for thought.*subhead*