We outsource lies now. It is not necessary to lie directly, all one needs to do is concoct a cockamamie poll to do the lying for you.

Case in point. The National Catholic Reporter (aka Fishwrap) (aka known as the heretical progressive news outlet that defiantly uses the name Catholic even though prohibited by the Bishop) (aka the lamest newspaper ever that recently lost its singular claim to legitimacy)

Yeah, the National Catholic Reporter still has its panties in a twist over the new(ish) translation of the mass into English. While this is old news and a non-story to every normal person because its introduction was so unremarkable and smooth, to NCR and their ilk this is still a travesty and an affront to their progressive sensibilities. So it is that they make great hay out of a “study” that indicates “wide rejection of new translations by US clergy.”

NCR says “A vast majority of leaders of U.S. Catholic parishes polled for a new survey say they find the new English translation of the Mass “awkward and distracting,” with half agreeing it “urgently needs to be revised.””

Omigosh!!! Really? I had no idea!!

The ‘study’, by Georgetown’s Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) is not a study at all. It is a self-selective survey and utterly meaningless as any kind of measure of acceptance of the new translation.

Why do I say this? Buried deep in the article NCR reports “CARA sent its survey to 6,000 parishes before receiving the 539 responses. “

They sent a survey to 6,000 parishes (out of over 17,000 parishes in the U.S.)and got back 539. 539 answers of people who went out of their way to answer the survey. This means that 5,461 parishes thought so little of the matter that they didn’t even bother to return the survey. These results are meaningless. I mean, this is no more scientific if I put up a web poll on CMR (or even Rorate Caeli) asking people what they thought of the translation. It would be meaningless as a measure of general sentiment. The respondents are self selecting. In the case of the CARA survey, it is extremely likely that people with strong feelings against the translation were much more likely to respond. This is so obvious you don’t even need a self-selecting poll to prove it.

The introduction of the new translation has been a total non event in the lives of Catholics and has been easily and generally accepted. This article and ‘study’ is absurd. But that is what liars do, they lie.