There I was, innocently watching the Masters green jacket ceremony. When it was over, 60 Minutes preview came on. The episode would profile Pope Francis.

I know I should have known better, but I watched it.

It was a completely progressive puff piece on the Pope that reiterated all the liberal talking points about the Church and about Pope Francis’ first year. It was essentially a representation of every stupid article that construed every papal utterance as supporting a complete reformation of the Church in the model of secular-atheist ethics.

That is all rather unsurprising. What was a little surprising is that they used Robert Mickens as the voice of analysis to weave all these stories together and to paint a picture of the Pope as ready to change just about everything.

Why is this surprising? Robert Mickens is the Rome correspondent of the ridiculously progressive Tablet (aka the Bitter pill). Actually, I should say that he is the suspended Rome correspondent of the Bitter Pill. Why? What would cause the ultra-progressive Tablet to suspend Mickens? Well, he wished Pope Benedict (whom he calls ‘the Rat’) would die. Yup, he wished Pope Benedict XVI dead, and insulted him in the process.

This is who 60 Minutes uses to profile Pope Francis.