This is just an absolutely beautiful story.

County Sheriff Kim Cole recently spoke at the Mason County Right to Life dinner. He told a story about how he’d refused to allow a female inmate to have an abortion unless she got a court order. Unfortunately, she did procure an order for the abortion.

What happened next, according to the Mason County Press, is wonderful.

“I again spoke with Undersheriff Hartley about this and we decided that we would call some folks and commit the day to prayer.

“While preparing for the procedure the young lady had a change of heart and decided she wasn’t going to have an abortion. After that, she and I would meet every couple of weeks or so. I remember telling her that she is a hero.”

The woman was eventually released from jail.

“I gave her my card with my cell number on it and told her to call me when the baby was born,” Cole said.

In early March the woman gave birth to a boy and chose to participate in an open adoption.

“She gave me a call on my cell phone and I got to go to the hospital and hold the little guy,” Cole said. “I keep a picture of us together on my desk and on my phone.”

Sheriff Cole said he continues to stay in contact with the mother.

“She sent me a video just the other day. You know, this community has faced some tough times in the past couple of years. It’s just really good to hear a good story.”

Good news now and again is good.

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